Like you, I've had an interesting life.

First and foremost, in my childhood, I was the poorest kid in school.

I had shoes and clothes with holes that were too big for me. I used a shoestring for a belt.

Because of my poverty, I got beat-up and made fun of at school.

This is ironic, because I'm actually of royal Scottish (The King Robert the Bruce) and presidential (Abe Lincoln) blood. I know, big shoes to fill.

My dad was a single parent with 6 children during a time when employers couldn't care less about whether or not you had other obligations outside of work.

So he did what he could do. He worked his butt off to provide for us, and he got promoted several times; with each promotion requiring more responsibility and less time at home.

That left me with lots of alone time to get in all sorts of trouble. I'm still shocked today that I didn't land in jail or dead; although I deserved both then.

I've always been a scrappy entrepreneur and finance nerd.

At the age of 16, I bought my first shares of publicly traded stock; with a whopping $24.

I also started my first Ebay business at that same age, called Deal Box, selling golf equipment.

The natural financial interest served well later on. I became a skilled stock trader and also founded Financial Wellness Network (FWN), which at the time was the fastest growing and first "financial professional synergy organization" that ever existed, and I was the pioneer of the term "financial wellness".

FWN got acquired.

After FWN, I attempted to start another venture, using all the funds that I made from the acquisition; it failed - and I lost everything.

I ended up having to get a Just Over Broke (JOB) like everyone else.

Although that was hard for me, I made the most of it and exceled at it. I worked in management for a Fortune 100 tech company. They gave me the worst performing team in the entire region, #85 out of 85. After just one year under my leadership, we were #1 in the entire region, making millions in recurring revenue.

They gave me a huge ring, a trophy, and a few bucks as a bonus, and...

While I was there, the Regional Vice President decided she wanted to consolidate all the teams in the region, and that meant some people were going to lose their jobs. Even though I was the top Manager in the entire region, I know that most people in those roles are not actually very smart business people, they are just good politicians; so it was likely she'd do something stupid (later she did).

So, I started networking with influential people to find my next gig.

During that time I met a really awesome mentor, who gave me a 1 in a 1 million odds opportunity. I took it and ran with it.

I used the skills learned in that gig to found another company, Elyon Cyber, an analytics company, that had operations in Spain and Colombia.

Predominantly I was living in Colombia, but I moved to Chicago after landing some massive clients for Elyon Cyber.

During my time in Chicago, I got the opportunity to merge my cyber analytics company with the largest and most respected cyber consultancy in the world; so I took it.

That deal was worth millions, placing me in the top 5% wealth bracket.

Today, I spend my time doing two things that I really, really love.

One, private equity investments. This allows a madcap like me to invest and get involved with various projects, so I never get bored. I love it.

Currently, I'm on the rolls of nearly three dozen startups as a shareholder, and that's cool. I also still trade stocks when I have time to keep that skill sharp. To give you an idea of the scale and skill level I'm at with trading, my proceeds in 2020 were 8 figures and my ROIC was 65%. So yeah, I'm alright ; )

Two, I spend time helping people change the trajectories of their lives, by changing their paradigms. This means I show people how to change how they look at things, and by looking at things differently than the herd, they can address them differently than the herd.

This is done via coaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, etc.

Lastly, and most importantly; I'm a man of faith. I know there is a point to life, and I know that we have an intelligent designer, who loves me, and who sent his son to this earth to die for me. I'm grateful for that.

He has blessed me with his grace, mercy, and patience - and the chance to go somewhere insanely cool when I "kick the bucket". All of that comes before the resources he's blessed me with. If you want to know more about that, hit me up! I'm a wannabe Theologian too.

There's a lot more to me, a total madcap, then what's written here; but I'll leave the rest for my biographer, as bad as I feel for them. Ja Ja (that's ha ha in Spanish).


J. Patrick Nichols