Do This To Exceed Your Investment Goals Faster

Today I'm going to cut through all the wordiness and just get straight to a life-changing financial concept.

That concept is this:

Develop a % return mindset, not a $ return mindset.

It is impossible for me to overstate the relevance and the benefits of the % return mindset.

Just look at these two scenarios and see for yourself:

$10,000 invested for 20 years at 10% /year yields $67,275.

$1 invested for 20 years at 99% /year yields $948,xxx.

See the difference?

There may be a lot of people who don't have a liquid $10K right now to invest, but everyone can get a buck somewhere.

And for those thinking, "But 99% /year is hard/impossible/difficult/unrealistic/etc.", here's all I have to say...

There are more companies going Unicorn now than ever, and those offer up to and over 1,000,000% ROI.

There are stocks every year that increase several hundred and even sometimes several thousand percent.

Making 99% with active real estate investing is actually a low-ball investment goal.

Crypto assets are in their infancy, and several have already increased several thousand percent, just in the last year alone.

But how do you unlock the life-changing power of this concept, and generate tangible results?

Here are a few suggestions...

  1. Stop trying to convince yourself that all those FACTS I just stated aren't REAL.
  2. Start looking for opportunities that (a) interest you and (b) have high-potential.
  3. Keep it simple, and fun. This doesn't have to be anything other than thrilling!
  4. Get informed. Join my Wealth Club.
  5. Accept that everything in life involves risk.
  6. Start small; as you just saw, $1 can go a looong ways.
  7. Get a Top 5% coach to guide you in your journey and open doors for you.
  8. Treat wealth-building as a skill that requires education, practice, and planning.

I promise you. If you put this concept into practice; it will change your life. You just have to make a small mindset shift to unlock it's power, and take action.

See you in the Top 5%!


J. Patrick Nichols

"Wealth is a mindset, not an economic status." J. Patrick Nichols

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