Let me ask you a question...

Who cares most about your personal success in life?

The answer to this question has major implications...

Allow me to let you in on a little secret; we live in a world where the most prevalent modus operandi for living is....selfishness.

That's right, we live in an individualistic, me-first, selfish world.

Now don't get me wrong, you can find exceptions in every corner of the world to this observation, but the point still stands.

The biggest crisis for the world today isn't Covid, or Diabetes, or Cancer, or Alcoholism, or Drug Use, and not even Ebola.

It's narcissism.

Wait, what?

That's right. Narcissism is the ONLY out of the aforementioned conditions that:

(a) Everyone struggles with throughout their lives

(b) Poses a second-by-second threat

(c) Is a contributing factor in every form of human suffering

(d) All humans have a natural propensity for

But this is assuming we agree on the below abbreviated definition of the word for our context:

Narcissists primarily focus on themselves, and tend to expect the world (and everyone in it) to revolve around them.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's go back to the question...

Who cares most about your personal success in life?

A bunch of narcissists?


But if we already knew that, then why do 98% of people place their expectations of ownership on the rest of the world, and not personally?

Why are we seeing people blaming the fact that they robbed someone on events that happened hundreds of years ago? Did anyone force them to do that?

Why are we seeing people say they aren't rich because the markets are tough to master, when they continue to spend more than they make each month and have nothing to invest?

Why do people continue to think like a victim instead of an overcomer? Are there not already mountains of examples of overcomers?

The truth is, we have an ownership problem.

And that makes sense, because passing the ownership "buck" is easy to do.

First, it's comfortable. If we blame someone else for our bad decisions, then we get to excuse ourselves for our lack of success. We don't have to face our inadequacy nor create a plan to overcome those mistakes.

Second, it requires much less effort. It only takes a few seconds to say "I'm a victim of XYZ" instead of spending tens, hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of hours to succeed in something.

But here's the problem, with nearly every single person that has a lack of results in their lives, you will nearly always see a lack of effort, and that's because...

There's a lack of personal ownership.

And the issue with lacking personal ownership is that it cultivates a destructive mindset rather than a constructive mindset.

The destructive mindset is the perpetual self-victimizing mindset.

The constructive mindset is the overcomer mindset.

Perpetual victimizers convince themselves that everything is stacked against them, that life is unfair, and that unless someone else GIVES them what they want, they'll never get what they want. So in their down-time, they incessantly makes excuses, complain, and blame all their mistakes on the rest of the world.

Overcomers convince themselves that regardless of the circumstances that exist outside of their control, there IS still hope, and there are things they can do to overcome the challenges, and they can get what they want. They don't expect anyone to GIVE them anything, and their work their rumps off to succeed. They leave excuses, blaming, and victimization in the past.

And you know what's interesting?

Overcomers WIN 10 times out of 10 against self-victimizers.

My theory on why overcomers win is because overcomers are in-touch with reality. They're not expecting a world full of selfish people to sacrifice and just GIVE them what they want without cause.

Expecting people who primarily care about themselves to care more about your own personal success than you is quite illogical, and ironically, narcissistic.

YOU should care more about YOUR personal success than anyone on earth.

YOU should fully own all decisions you make and don't make, AND the consequences.

YOU should create an action plan, and commit to executing it with uncanny tenacity.

In short...YOU should own your personal success.

It's only when you take full ownership, and leave all blaming and complaining behind, that you'll be able to unlock the life you desire.

Even though there are a few people that achieved some success by sitting around expecting someone else to solve all their problems; it's a low-probability strategy that yields far less results than a total life ownership strategy.

So why not put the odds in your favor?


J. Patrick

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