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What Does it Mean to Be Wealthy?

Question from a Wealth Club member: What does it mean to be wealthy? Answer: Wealth is a quantitative measurement. Traditionally, this term was only used with respect to finance; but thankfully this has changed. You can be financially wealthy but spiritually poor. In my opinion, the two greatest two forms

What is Required to Become Wealthy?

Question from a Wealth Club member: What does it take to be financially wealthy? Answer: Even though many are irritated to hear this, there are actually several paths to wealth - and we do live in abundant world. You can find someone (or several) in nearly every profession that is

Getting Started with Wealth Late in Life

Question from a Wealth Club member: Is it ever too late to become wealthy? Answer: The short answer to this is...as long as you're still alive and well, then it's NEVER too late to become wealthy. Now, it's important to keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily get easier

Self-Employment and Wealth

Question from a Wealth Club member: Is self employment considered a "good" way to get wealthy? Answer: This is somewhat of a controversial topic. Many people have thought for decades that the surefire path to wealth is through entrepreneurship, however.... The data doesn't necessarily support that. 85% of those self-employed

Finding Higher Returns with Investments

Question from a Wealth Club member: Where do I find opportunities to invest, that offer greater returns than the average 10%? Answer: This is a very good question, and the short answer is "everywhere" 😉 However, many great opportunities are inaccessible to the average person; but that is changing. Here are

Choosing the Right Assets to Invest

Question from a Wealth Club member: What are some assets that are really overlooked? Answer: The problem is not necessarily that people overlook assets, it's that they participate in "slow" assets, or they invest in things they don't understand. You can make astronomically high returns in nearly any and every

When is Enough Wealth, Enough?

Question from a Wealth Club member: How does one decide when they have enough wealth? Answer: The truth is, anyone can make that decision at any point in their life. There are consequences though. My take is we all have a responsibility to be self-sufficient; except of course those with

Wealth and Life Balance

Question from a Wealth Club member: Wealth is not just about money. How much time does one spend on other areas of life to truly become wealthy? Answer: Totally agree. There are many forms of wealth, and interestingly enough, most people don't focus on acquiring ANY kinds of wealth. Instead,

Passing Wealth Wisdom to the Next Generation

Question from Wealth Club member: What is the best way to pass wealth building to the next generation? Answer: The most impactful place for a wealth-conducive mindset to be fostered is in the home. Parents can find tons of fun activities to do with their kids to foster creativity, entrepreneurship,
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