3 Powerful Principles for Changing Your Wealth, Life, and the World

Hey, J. Patrick, here.

There are three things that have been placed on my heart to share with you.

These three things couldn't be more critical for your ability to build wealth and be a person that generates value for the world.

As a side note, those two things (value generation and wealth) have a very interesting connection by the way:

The more you develop your ability to generate value for other people (and for communities of people), the more your wealth will naturally grow.

But there are three distinct principles that I want to share with you now. These three things are not only super important for unlocking your innate potential to generate wealth, but also to enable the kind of life our Creator wishes for you.

In short, these three principles will change your life, and will fill it with peace, confidence in the present, and hope in the future.

These principles will also increase your magnetism.

Power Principle #1 - Humility

Right now you may be wondering how humility affects wealth.

Well, let me tell you...

When we're confident but humble, as opposed to purely arrogant, people want to work with us. People want to make exceptions for us when we screw up. People want to help us "get our foot in the door" or want to share promising opportunities with us.

When we're humble, people want to follow us.

If you want to build wealth, learn how to build a team;  because a team will be required in many cases.

If we don't have humility, it will be much harder to build a team.

So initially you may have thought that humility doesn't affect wealth, but now you know....it does. BIG time.

Power Principle #2 - Generosity

Initially it might appear that generosity and giving are the opposite of the accumulation effort required to build wealth, right?

Although that is true in some respects, in other contexts it's one of the most powerful wealth-building secrets.

You can be generous in ways that generate wealth as well.

Let me give you an example; investing in startups.

The majority of investors discount investing in startups because they think it's risky - and from the conventional wisdom perspective, they are very risky.

However, you can invest in 100 startups and have 99 fail, and as long as one goes "unicorn" status, you can still make a huge ROI.

But how does this tie into generosity? The answer is simple.

By investing in startups, you're helping other people accomplish their dreams, and that's VERY generous.

This is a form of generosity that can generate massive amounts of financial wealth.

But let's not forget that financial wealth is not the most valuable...

The most valuable form of wealth is spiritual fruit.

8,000+ children per day die of starvation-related causes, and doing something about that is one great way to generate spiritual wealth.

There are over 1600 billionaires in the world today that could write a check individually for just 1% of their wealth and financially solve the problem of child starvation.

Why isn't this being done if the resources are there?

There's a lot of excuses, but the truth is there's a lack of appreciation for the immense value of spiritual wealth.

One can have Billions in financial wealth and yet be spiritually bankrupt.

So generosity can generate massive financial wealth and seismic spiritual wealth.

Power Principle #3 - Gratitude

Finally, I want to share this powerful principle with you.

We live in a culture that propagates the opposite of gratitude; the sense that we don't need to be grateful for anything because we supposedly earned it.

"Everything I have, I earned it."

"It's mine."

Why should we live with gratitude?

Because it enables a better life and it can help you build wealth.

Let me make a bold claim:

There's no way to accomplish any great goal, whether in business, investing, career, or school that doesn't require relying on other people in some shape or form - and those people owe you NOTHING.

As I recorded this article I was standing in a gorgeous building with 18 foot ceilings and checkered marble flooring. The hallways are immense and long.

And guess what?

The building was built by other people.

Did they owe me this? No.

You see, this is all a paradigm shift. Just like my most frequent comment:

Wealth is a mentality, not an economic status.

And gratitude is a pillar of that wealth mentality. Why?

Because you appreciate what you have, and the more you appreciate what you have (as opposed to a brat who mindlessly blows their inheritance), the more responsible you are with what you have and get.

For example, if you're blessed with a very successful business - and you're grateful for that, you're likely more responsible with it and treat it better. This contrary to what ungrateful business owners do; they suck all the profit out for silly material things and then have to seek loans/investments just to stay afloat.

Gratitude, humility, and generosity, are three core pillars of a wealthy mindset.

I hope you find this article to be a blessing. And I just want to say, I'm grateful that you read this article.

Please share it with others, because we need to remind ourselves of these pillars constantly, because they're the opposite of pop culture.

We need to be living this way; for our own benefit and for the world's.

Why? For starters, it's just simply a better ROI.


J. Patrick

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"Success is a mentality; not a status." ~ J. Patrick Nichols

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