J. Patrick Nichols

J. Patrick Nichols

Digesting The Federal Reserve's 2021 Tapering Plans

For those that didn't know, the Federal Reserve has been purchasing approximately $120 Billion per month in assets to stimulate the economy. The markets are all about supply and demand, so any changes to this constant in-flow is something to pay attention to. Multiple Federal Reserve officials have eluded to

How Diversification Affects Your Portfolio

Have you ever heard a success guru (or two) say something like: "The more opportunity you have, the higher your odds of success are." This "more the merrier" mentality seems logical, especially since it maps to one of the most prevalent investment concepts in existence; diversification. Diversification as an investment

Zilos Capital Shares Crypto Portfolio

If you're curious about crypto, which coins are promising, or my firms' real results, it's your lucky day. This morning I pulled the trigger on sharing my PE fund's FULL crypto portfolio, along with sentiment on eleven separate coins my firm and I believes are promising. Enjoy! Eleven Cryptocurrencies to

Palantir: Pundits are not seeing the full picture

Palantir had been selling off for a while, and negativity was rising about the company's prospects. There are several articles right now citing Palantir's heavy government revenue concentration, stating that's a negative thing. Why is that negative? Most of these pundits do not understand how government purchasing REALLY works. Agencies

What Does it Mean to Be Wealthy?

Question from a Wealth Club member: What does it mean to be wealthy? Answer: Wealth is a quantitative measurement. Traditionally, this term was only used with respect to finance; but thankfully this has changed. You can be financially wealthy but spiritually poor. In my opinion, the two greatest two forms

What is Required to Become Wealthy?

Question from a Wealth Club member: What does it take to be financially wealthy? Answer: Even though many are irritated to hear this, there are actually several paths to wealth - and we do live in abundant world. You can find someone (or several) in nearly every profession that is

A Quick Stock Valuation Analysis

Recently, a Wealth Club member inquired about how to determine whether a stock's valuation is palpable or not. Obviously, there are tons of different ways to look at valuations - and entire books have been written on the topic. But, one common method (and thankfully one that doesn't require 80,

Getting Started with Wealth Late in Life

Question from a Wealth Club member: Is it ever too late to become wealthy? Answer: The short answer to this is...as long as you're still alive and well, then it's NEVER too late to become wealthy. Now, it's important to keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily get easier

Self-Employment and Wealth

Question from a Wealth Club member: Is self employment considered a "good" way to get wealthy? Answer: This is somewhat of a controversial topic. Many people have thought for decades that the surefire path to wealth is through entrepreneurship, however.... The data doesn't necessarily support that. 85% of those self-employed
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