Time to Financial Freedom

Question from a Wealth Club member: How long does it really take to get to the point where you're financially free?

Answer: This may sound convenient and fanciful, but it doesn't make it any less true...to an extent, it can take as much or as little time as you want it to.
However, there is something to be said about patience.

Patience is a learned disciplined for most; which is also the reason why many people are broke. Why?

Because they're either impatient about investing and so they invest in low-probability scenarios and go bust, or they buy things that destroy wealth (i.e. stuff); or they get ripped-off.

The time it takes to become wealthy can be influenced by one's tenacity in not just learning, but applying. Learning is easy to do, the investment publishing industry is huge.

You can find many people that have been through dozens of courses but never pulled the trigger on a single investment.

You can also influence your pace for accumulating wealth if you have some capital to your name. If you're starting from zero it's still simple, but not as easy.

Most importantly, it also depends on what financially free looks like to you. For example, it's actually incredibly cheap to live in certain other countries; so if you had any kind of means stashed away, you could be free much earlier than you would be in other countries.

The first international rental property I ever bought was in South America for only $7k - and it wasn't a dump. It was only 5 years old, and a 3BD/2BA on the top floor. I rented it out and lived down the street in the nicest neighborhood in the entire city, in a 3-story mansion with two private balconies and a private security guard. That mansion costed me $350 /month.

When you get outside your comfort zone, and start looking for ways to make things work, instead of ways that they can't work, your world suddenly becomes much more abundant - and your ability to be financially free starts to look a lot easier.


J. Patrick Nichols

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