Choosing the Right Assets to Invest

Question from a Wealth Club member: What are some assets that are really overlooked?

Answer: The problem is not necessarily that people overlook assets, it's that they participate in "slow" assets, or they invest in things they don't understand.
You can make astronomically high returns in nearly any and every sector, industry, segment.

The key is to be very scrutinizing, using my Capital Velocity principle:

In fact, it would probably be a very fun exercise to go explore all kinds of industries and opportunities, looking for the higher returns.

On the flip side, often times we overlook the "non-sexy" investments. Take for example garbage disposal. There are incredibly prosperous opportunities in that field, but because it's not cool, it's overlooked.

To be a successful investor, it's very important to develop the "muscle" of looking at everything from a contrarian perspective. As you hone that, you'll start to see value where other don't.

One investment that is still overlooked, and one that I'm championing and developing a business model around, is crowdfunding. You can become a mini-angel and participate in deals that you would normally ever even know about.


J. Patrick Nichols

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