Finding Higher Returns with Investments

Question from a Wealth Club member: Where do I find opportunities to invest, that offer greater returns than the average 10%?

Answer: This is a very good question, and the short answer is "everywhere" 😉
However, many great opportunities are inaccessible to the average person; but that is changing.

Here are some examples:

Most day traders lost money. But, the day traders that get a system down and are successful, they can make 50%+ per year consistently. I made 68% this year.

If you know what you're doing with real estate (most people do not), you can make very good returns. The key thing to keep in mind with real estate is your money is made when you buy, not when you sell. It's not a wise strategy to hope for appreciation. Active real estate investing generates very high ROI's. This year I did a timber real estate deal and made 80% in 6 months.

Although many angel investors lose money or make only 10% as well, the good ones have made over 1,000,000%. There are actually a lot of examples of angel investors making several thousand percent returns on a consistent basis.
Remember, investing is a skill like anything else.

I created a continuum called the "Investor Maturity Model", which lays-out the 7 steps an investor goes through from beginning to mastery.

Here is is in a nutshell:

Level 1: Awareness
Level 2: Knowledge
Level 3: Effort
Level 4: Emotional control
Level 5: Experience
Level 6: Wisdom
Level 7: Mastery

The only way to develop the skill of investing is not by reading, it's by doing. Where most people go wrong is they go to big right off the bat because they're impatient; this is very bad.

"If you start small, you're mistakes are just little tuition payments."

So once that skills is developed, your ability to invest for higher returns increases.


J. Patrick Nichols

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